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We shorten the time it takes to train new sales reps and enhance the time that veteran sales reps spend in front of customers. Media sales reps typically present their “stories” to prospects in a dozen different industries – or more – during the course of a week. Maybe it’s a landscape design firm and a hospital in the morning, then a chiropractor, furniture store, and bank in the afternoon. Changing gears and addressing their remarks to a prospect in an entirely different industry than the one before requires that reps have easy-to-read documents to help them focus, “talk the talk” and provide industry-specific solutions to their advertising challenges.

The independent, third-party nature of our reports is critical. We do not tell reps HOW to sell what they sell (sales training departments within organizations are usually charged with that task, which most execute efficiently). Rather, we enlighten them about their customers’ industries so they are able to talk knowledgeably about the challenges and opportunities customers and prospects face and to recommend solutions.

We create reports primarily from publicly available information and present it in the most straightforward way possible.
We recognize that virtually anyone can pull together the types of information that we do. However, the process of gathering salient stats, facts, trends and forecasts from a variety of sources is time-consuming – and summarizing research findings into succinct, well-written, compelling reports can be frustrating -- so we make it our sole business to conduct research and write reports.
Because conducting secondary research and compiling reports are ALL we do, our work is efficient and our output is consistently reliable, as well as user-friendly.
We take the pain out of creating call-preparation support materials, and we help instill reps with confidence and credibility. We provide the framework within which sales reps engage prospects in meaningful dialog about prospects’ target markets -- and their advertising messages and campaigns.

On the horizon are podcasts containing industry-knowledge capsules, downloadable from our customer portal, training how-to’s and demonstrations, and strategic alliances that will help solidify our customers’ relationship with their customers.

Help us help you by sending us your feedback. Simply go to the “contact us” link in the upper right-hand corner of our site and drop us an e-mail. We will respond as quickly as possible and hope to someday soon count you among our most satisfied customers.

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

Peter F. Drucker (1908-2005), writer, management consultant, and university professor

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