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Industry Associations

More than 22,000 industry associations operate in the U.S. on a national scale, with an additional 115,000 operating on a regional, state-wide or local basis. Each organization houses not only its member roster and legislative agenda, but a world of information about its members’ concerns and the state of the industry as observed from inside the industry.

Many associations publish magazines and newsletters which report on various aspects of their work, their members, and their position within the industry they represent.
Most industry organizations have extensive websites which visitors can access to glean salient facts and forecasts.
Within association websites are links that typically guide viewers to websites offered by the industry’s trade magazines and other industry-relevant sites (covering such happenings as conventions and trade shows, books and how-to guides, and press releases on significant industry developments).
If specific statistical information is not readily available on association sites or in their publications, Profile America, Inc. interviews association executives and asks them to share their knowledge and insight about their members’ paths to success.
Executive directors and managers of communications within industry associations are typically willing to provide their views of industry issues and trends, and many share findings from research they may have conducted but not yet posted to their sites or reported on in their publications.
As with using material provided by trade publications, we cite the sources of the content used to build our reports and respect copyright protection laws.

While it is among our duties and responsibilities to capture armloads of information from industry associations and “capsulize” it in concisely written documents, we understand that some clients want to dig deeper to find additional information, so we provide associations’ websites in the “Industry Resources” sections of our reports.

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