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With more than 10,000 business-to-business (BTB) magazines in print today -- covering literally every industry under the sun -- the task of capturing salient stats, facts, and forecasts and organizing the findings into an easy-to-read document is overwhelming to many people. Sure, it is a do-able task for reps or their managers if they target a half dozen or ten industries. But if their prospects operate in dozens of different industries, sales teams need help harnessing source material and organizing it into logical “buckets” of information and, ultimately, writing cogent analyses to help them open doors and close sales.

Online availability of trade journals has increased in recent years (which of course has increased our own efficiency), but many BTB magazines are still not published online in their entirety.
Selective downloadable articles are readily available and can help readers formulate opinions about one aspect of an industry or another.
However, much of what is between the covers of a printed magazine may not be available online, so many articles, regular columns, and editorial comments go unnoticed by the casual online reader of a magazine.
It may be hard to imagine -- with online publishing so prevalent today -- but we actually subscribe to the hard copy of hundreds of trade magazines.
Having the printed version in-house allows our researchers and writers to immerse themselves in many worlds -- to the point that they feel they are a part of an industry under study.
Such involvement makes it easier to impart industry knowledge to our customers and sets the stage for our customers to engage their customers in meaningful dialog.

Many trade publications are excellent sources of information, but we cannot and do not rely solely on what’s been published in BTB magazines. We marry up our findings from magazines with findings from other source material. We are careful about how we use material and respect copyrights and other intellectual property. We cite the sources of the material we use, we pull facts and stats from a variety of sources for each of the reports we write, and we add findings from our own primary research. Our output is extremely reliable and relevant -- and readable.

“Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.”

Thomas Fuller (1608-1661), British clergyman and historian

Selling is often an uphill battle. Hiring educated, enthusiastic, energetic sales reps who are passionate about selling is not enough. They need training and coaching – especially if they are new to the company – and they need tools to help them interact with their customers. They need to speak the language and be conversant about how economic trends affect different industries. Even veteran sales reps need coaching, refresher courses, and industry-specific information to help them develop rapport with and earn the respect of prospects.

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