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It is truly amazing the number of resources that are available on any given industry. The trouble is, it is time-consuming to identify them, glean salient facts, forecasts, and trend data from them, and create a user-friendly document to summarize the findings. It’s called secondary research, and it is our forte. Our issue and trend data on your clients’ industries comes from a number of different sources:
Trade journals and business periodicals. Every industry we cover has a minimum of two publications that serve the industry, and every article, editorial, and letter to the editor represents a learning experience. Even ads in the journals are sometimes insightful. In addition to industry-specific journals, general business magazines and newspapers -- in both print and online formats -- are also reviewed for pertinent industry-specific data.
Industry associations. Often the first place we look for data, member organizations house a world of knowledge about the ins and outs of their respective industries. Their websites, state-of-the-industry reports and newsletters are reviewed for relevancy and referenced so our customers can subscribe or contact the associations directly.
One-on-one depth interviews. We conduct interviews among industry participants and analysts to gain up-to-date perspective on issues not addressed in published form. Like mini focus groups, interview results from our qualitative research are anecdotal in nature (e.g., not statistically valid but useful nonetheless). One-on-one interviews help personalize our reports and make them more readable and user-friendly.

We provide an impartial, third-party view of industries, markets, and trends, leaving our customers free to practice their core competencies – acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

“Sales reps have to know their customers' businesses, and Profile America's reports are great tools to give reps background information and help build rapport with the customers. They inform customers of things they may not have been aware of, and citing the sources listed in the reports brings credibility. They're quick and not too in-depth. They are convenient to use, with a lot of information from industry experts."

Director of Sales Promotion, Internet Directory Provider

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